NAPA Fleet Intelligence is a cloud-based web service for fleet operational insight for charterers, operators and ship owners

  • Simple, transparent and accurate efficiency data for any ship in the world
  • Access to performance monitoring data for 55,000 vessels and 6.5 million voyages
  • Results based on AIS data, weather and environmental monitoring, and hydrodynamic calculations from NAPA’s in-house experts for maximum accuracy
  • Readily analyzed, easy to understand reports
  • Instant access through a web portal, with no onboard equipment needed
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This search covers a subset of 3000 vessels. Please contact us if you are interested in data for one of the other 55 000 vessels in our database.

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How it works

NAPA Fleet Intelligence uses public sources of vessel information, AIS, chart data, and weather and environmental monitoring as its core data. Combined with algorithms and hydrodynamic calculations developed by NAPA's in-house ship operations data and analytics experts, this can deliver ship operation efficiency information averaging 95% accuracy with no on-board measurement required.

NAPA Fleet Intelligence is a subscription based online platform that can deliver performance monitoring for any conventionally powered vessel. It delivers voyage-by-voyage analysis of any vessel nominated by a subscriber, regardless of ownership or charterer, showing data on the route taken, speed profile and fuel efficiency as well as offering data on what the optimised speed profile would have been. This allows the subscriber to spot inefficiencies and bad speed profiles so that they can improve the next voyage.

NAPA Fleet Intelligence is based on data since January 2015, with over 6.5 million voyages currently in its database. Because it is based on live data it continues to grow with over 10.000 voyages every day.

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NAPA Sales Pekka Pakkanen

Pekka Pakkanen

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Deok-Hoon Jang

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NAPA Sales Risto Kariranta

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